Aboriginal Studies Students

As an interdisciplinary program, Aboriginal Studies fits well with many other programs of study at U of T. Here’s how a few current ABS students have combined Aboriginal Studies with majors and minors in other programs, ensuring their degrees align with their research interests and career goals.

Susan Okojie

Photo of Susan Okojie

Susan Okojie views her experience as a student with the Aboriginal Studies program as an academic journey leading towards more equitable and reciprocal relationships with the world around her. Through her studies, Susan has come to view human beings as one part of an interconnected whole, where all things have importance. For Susan, education in ABS is holistic, approaching mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of learning. Susan is currently majoring in Aboriginal studies, and is considering majoring in Health Studies, or Women and Gender Studies. Susan is interested in research in Aboriginal Health.

Sara Deris

Photo of Sara Deris

Sara Deris has found the education provided in the Aboriginal Studies program to be immersive. Courses she has taken have widened her conceptions about the relationship of human beings and their environment. With a feeling of transformation, Sara notes changes in relating and interacting with her surroundings. Sara feels fortunate to have found a community within the Aboriginal Studies program, forming meaningful relationships with her professors, TA’s and fellow students. Throughout her time at U of T, Sara observes her development into a well-informed, passionate individual, reflected in her work as a student. Sara is completing a minor in Aboriginal Studies and English, and majoring in Equity Studies. Sara’s research interest focuses on environmental racism.

Rebecca Ireland

Photo of Rebecca Ireland

Within the Aboriginal Studies program, Rebecca Ireland has found a community of supportive peers and faculty that are concerned with the well being of their students. Rebecca hopes to apply her knowledge of the intersection of language, culture and politics in pursuing a Masters degree in Indigenous Governance. Rebecca is working towards a double major in Aboriginal Studies and Art History. Rebecca is interested in language revitalization.