Dr Verne Ross

Photo of Verne Ross
Assistant Professor

Verne Ross who is from Cote First Nation which is a Sealteaux Nation belonging to Treaty 4 out in Saskatchewan. Verne started his career back in the mid 1980’s working in hospitals in Regina, Saskatchewan advocating for all Indigenous families. Verne is the founder of an Indigenous Health Program situated in the Pasqua Hospital. He has always worked with traditional healers and language interpreters and continues to do this important work within communities. I am not an Elder, but I do work with the guidance of the Elders. Verne is known as one of the Traditional Knowledge keepers. Verne graduated here at the U of T completed his undergrad in Indigenous Studies in 2008, also successfully completing the Master of Social Work in 2012. He recently completed his PHD Program in Language, Literacies and Education from OISE within CTL Department. His research and thesis is in the area of Two-spirited people. Verne has taught an undergrad class called Introduction to Indigenous Studies offered through the Centre for Indigenous Studies Department (U of T). I have taught INS200H1 Introduction to Indigenous Truth and Resilience and Indigenous Worldviews, Spiritual & Healing Traditions. Verne continues to be not only be a social worker and a teacher, but he mentors all students from all walks of life here at the U of T.