Ryan DeCaire

Ryan DeCaire
Associate Professor, Centre for Indigenous Studies & Department of Linguistics (on leave)
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Wahta Mohawks


Forthcoming Publications

DeCaire, R., Joaquin, N., Lum, N., & Maioho, I. (2021).  ʻAʻaliʻi and wáhta oterontonnì:’a: symbols of indigenous innovation for linguistic and cultural resilience. WINHEC: International Journal of Indigenous Education Scholarship.
Mithun, M., & DeCaire, R. (2020). Iroquoian. In Jany, C., Mithun., M., & Rice, K. (Eds.), Handbook of languages and linguistics of north america. Mouton De Gruyter. 
Recent Publications 
DeCaire, R., Johns, A., & Kučerová, I. (2018). On optionality in mohawk noun incorporation. Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics, 39, 1-10.
DeCaire, R., & Bilodeau, N. (2019). Tewanónhstat ne rotiksten’okòn:’a raotiwén:na / Preserving the voice of our language keepers: Wáhta Mohawks Documentation Project. Wáhta Mohawk Territory: Wáhta Mohawks
DeCaire, R. (2017). Tsi ní:ioht tsi entsitiónnhete ne onkwawén:na: Wáhta mohawks community language revitalization strategy. Wáhta Mohawk Territory: Wáhta Mohawks.FR

My name is Ryan DeCaire. I am Kanien’kehá:ka  (Mohawk) and I was born and raised in Wáhta Mohawk Territory.  My work is mostly focused on best practices for developing advanced oral proficiency in adults of Iroquoian languages as well as Kanien’kéha documentation for revitalization. I am Kanien’kéha learner and instructor. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Centre for Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto, a Ph.D. Candidate in the Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalization Program at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, as well as a researcher and part-time instructor at Onkwawén:na Kentyóhkwa, a Kanien’kéha immersion program in Ohswé:ken, Six Nations of the Grand River.