WATCH LeAnne Howe’s Keynote Address: Embodied Tribalography

Speech Acts and Joyous Utterances, a series of keynote presentations and workshops held in each season of 2013/2014, has explored how the movement between languages in the act of translation requires moving between vastly differing worlds governed by unique cosmologies and knowledge systems.

The winter instalment of Speech Acts focused on the language of ceremony and featured a keynote address by LeAnne Howe, professor in the MFA program in English and American Indian Studies at the University of Illinois.

How Indigenous Peoples embody their homelands is at the core of this lecture. LeAnne Howe suggests that it is through games, songchants, and stories that Choctawan peoples have maintained their connection to Mother Mound, Nanih Waiya, and the greater Southeast.  By tracing the history of Choctawan ball games at Earthworks sites, Howe shows how “America’s favorite pastime” is indeed an Indigenous game and a story that Choctaws embody.