Urban Indigenous Teaching Symposium @ U of T: Call for Papers

The SAGE UT (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement) of the University of Toronto Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives (CAI), The Indigenous Education Network (IEN), Collaborative Program in Aboriginal Health (CPAH), and the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT) invite Indigenous scholars and students (especially graduate students) to submit abstracts for oral presentations at the 2014 Urban Indigenous Teachings Symposium.

The symposium is organized around a variety of panels and individual presentations including:

  • Navigating research between Indigenous communities and university ethics board requirements
  • Indigenous law and governance
  • Clan Teachings in the Urban context
  • Indigenous representation in the mass media
  • Creation/Origin stories in contemporary times
  • Indigenous language preservation
  • Traditional roles of men and women would translate to contemporary realities. 

Abstracts will provide an opportunity for students to discuss findings and communicate information that may not have been presented throughout the course of the event. Possible topics for abstract submission could include: child protection; food security; or identity. Proposed topics may also be a work in progress. To submit an abstract, students should email their abstract (250 words) and a short biography including contact name and affiliation either as a PDF or Word document to SAGE coordinators at: sage@utoronto.ca. Deadline for submission is February 17, 2014.

SAGE Call for Papers