Dr. Wendy Geniusz Gives Keynote at Speech Acts & Joyous Utterances

Speech Acts and Joyous Utterances, a series of keynote presentations and workshops held in each season of 2013/2014, culminated in a free, four-day conference from June 19th to June 22nd. Sponsored by the Jackman Humanities Institute Program for the Arts, the conference brought together community members, scholars, speakers and students of Indigenous languages to engage with the questions and challenges that speak to the acquisition and preservation of Indigenous languages.

Conference proceedings included panel discussions, interactive language workshops, and a keynote address by Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz from the Department of Languages at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Above you can view Dr. Geniusz’s address, where she provides advice and guidance on language learning and teaching. By the end of the address, hopefully you will have picked up some new Anishinaabemowin vocabulary!