Aboriginal Studies in the News

It’s always wonderful to see the larger U of T community getting excited about Aboriginal Studies. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been pleased to see a couple of articles surface in the news across the U of T campus.

In honour of National Aboriginal Day, U of T News published National Aboriginal Day: The importance of Indigenous culture and learning at U of T.

The article featured an interview with Interim Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, Keren Rice, and discussed the important role that language plays within Indigenous culture. The article emphasized CAI’s achievements in establishing a vibrant language-learning community at U of T and highlighted the addition of two new faculty members to CAI who study and teach Haudenosaunee language.

The Varsity, a student-run newspaper here at U of T, also ran an article about us, sharing the news about a major upcoming change coming to CAI: the renaming of our program! While the renaming has not been made official yet, we’re happy to see enthusiasm for the change and are grateful for the help in getting the word out.  Be sure to read: Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives to be renamed Centre for Indigenous Studies.