Aboriginal Studies’ Rauna Kuokkanen to give Keynote Address on Indigenous Economies, Self-determination and Women’s Rights


Aboriginal Studies faculty member Rauna Kuokkanen will be delivering the keynote address this weekend for the conference Arctic/Northern Women: Situation Law and Justice in Development and Equality. Professor Kuokkanen’s address will look at Indigenous economies, self-determination and women’s rights.

This interdisciplinary conference brings together Indigenous, northern, and Arctic researchers and experts from Canada, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and the US in a two-day examination of how law, justice, development, and equality are shaping contemporary Arctic/northern politics.

This conference is being presented in collaboration with Queen’s University Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre, the Faculty of Law, and the Department of Gender Studies, and with co-sponsorship by the Tromso-Umea-Arkhangelsk-Queen’s Network on Gender and Law in the Arctic Region (TUAQ Network).