About Us

Ciimaan/Kahuwe’yá/Qajaq is an Indigenous language initiative that supports the University of Toronto community in the study and everyday use of Indigenous languages. Ciimaan/Kahuwe’yá/Qajaq provides space, programming, and support to the community of language learners and speakers at the Centre for Indigenous Studies, University of Toronto, and the broader community. We assist in the creation, facilitation, and delivery of Indigenous language and cultural programming for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, language speakers, and learners at all levels via language workshops, conferences, and social and cultural activities. The Indigenous Language Initiative presents students and community members with numerous opportunities to gain insight about the importance of language and culture, as well as sustainable and vibrant ways of both learning and teaching Indigenous languages.

Our Vision

To contribute to the overall development of a sustainable and vibrant Indigenous language community at the University of Toronto and the broader community through the creation of projects and resources that promote language use in everyday life by:

  • Building a long-term language learning community through social activities, partnerships, and collaborative initiatives
  • Providing experiential opportunities beyond the classroom that are rooted in Indigenous worldview, cultures, values, traditions, and languages
  • Supporting Indigenous students and non-Indigenous students involved or interested in the language activities within the Indigenous Studies Program and/or the broader community

Contact Us

For more information or to get involved, please contact: