Jean-Paul Restoule

Photo of Jean-Paul Restoule
Associate Professor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education (OISE - University of Toronto)
Research Interests: 
Aboriginal Cultural Identity(ies); Indigenous Research Methodologies; Aboriginal Representation, Film and media; Intercultural Communication; Urbanization; Indigenous Knowledge; Environmental Education; Anti-Racism and Decolonizing



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Jean-Paul Restoule is a member of the Dokis First Nation (Anishinaabe). He is Associate Professor of Aboriginal Education in the Leadership, Higher and Adult Education Department at the Ontario Institute For Studies in Education (OISE). Restoule is the Vice President of the Canadian Indigenous/Native Studies Association as well as the Co-director of the Transformative Learning Centre. Restoule’s most recent research projects have focused on Indigenous knowledge and sustainability; male Aboriginal identity formation in urban areas; Aboriginal post-secondary education participation; and traditional Anishinaabek teachings for Aboriginal research.