Alana Johns

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Professor, Linguistics
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Research Interests: 
Grammatical Properties of Inuktitut; Aboriginal Language Maintenance

Johns, Alana and Irene Mazurkewich. “The Role of the University in the Training of Native Language Teachers: Labrador”. In K. Hale and L. Hinton, eds., The Green Book: Language Revitalization in Practice. New York: Academic Press, 2001, 351-362.


Johns, Alana. “Language Healing in Nunatsiavut”. The Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health in Circumpolar Health Supplements (CHS). International Association of Circumpolar Health Publishers (IACHP), Finland Issue 7 (2010): 414-417.

Alorut, Raigelee and Alana Johns. “Atautsikkut: When Two Actions Happen Together”. Proceedings of the 17th Inuit Studies Conference, 2011.


Johns, Alana and Marina Sherkina Lieber. Strengthening the Bench: Improving Language Skills in Nunatsiavut. Linguistic and Cultural Encounters in the Arctic: Essays in Memory of Susan Sammons. Les Cahiers du CIERA, Supplementary Issue, Oct (2012): 63-73.


Alana Johns, Professor in the Department of Linguistics, has been involved with work on the Inuktitut language for many years. She does research on grammatical properties of Inuktitut and dialect variation. She is also involved in issues of Aboriginal language maintenance. She works with community language specialists in Nunatsiavut.